Curve Fever Pro

Curve Fever Pro

Curve Fever Pro


Curve Fever is a high-energy, multiplayer snake game with powers. Survive each round and battle-it-out online against opponents, utilizing your own customized ship to win. Climb the ranked ladder and level up, earning new powers with each new level!

How to play?

Equip your ship with 2 powers (one for the "up"/"w" and one for the "down"/"s" buttons). Steer your ship with the "left" and "right" arrows or the "A" and "D" keys. Once you are ready, you will be matchmade with other players close to your skill level and the battle will begin. Avoid the trails that ships leave behind and try to survive, use your powers to steal points from your opponents. Reach 250 points to win the match.

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No Downloads - Just Click and Play!

You can playing Curve Fever Pro game without install, downloads, login, popups or other distractions. All you need to do is just click PLAY NOW begin playing it!

Who Developed Curve Fever Pro?

Curve Fever Pro was created by Hidden Monster Games.

Support device?

Our website is the leading platform can be played Curve Fever Pro online games on desktop mobile devices. That includes everything from desktop PCs, laptops, and Chromebooks, to the latest smartphones and tablets from Apple and Android.

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